Animal Farmers

Thousands of years ago, farming revolutionized human societies. It allowed us to settle in one place and to have surplus food, freeing some people to pursue other specialized labor. Populations grew, cities flourished. Today, it is impossible to think about life without agriculture. But did you know that some animals have been farming for much longer […]

The Week in Science News

Check out some of last week’s most interesting news stories: 1. Generating Power from Polluted Air Air pollution is a major environmental issue, and a cause of health problems affecting millions of people globally. Fuel combustion is one of the main causes of air pollution, and scientists are earnestly trying to find solutions for air remediation, […]

The Week in Science News

Check out this week’s summary of some of the most interesting science news: 1. Killing Bacteria with…Paper? Scientists from Rutger’s University have developed a new flexible, portable and disposable device for killing bacteria using metallized paper. It consists of stacked layers of paper covered with aluminum in a honeycomb pattern. When high voltage is applied, plasma is generated. […]

The Power of Snake Venoms

The king was down! Dropping everything, he had followed his master into the rain, through the throngs of soldiers, into the confusion of battle. The air stank of death. The king was bleeding profusely, there was no time to lose. Working quickly, they applied the venom over the wound and …the bleeding had stopped. The King […]